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© René Hildebrand – created by René Hildebrand! The Cazador-del-sol is a copyrighted artwork by the artist René Hildebrand.
Cazador-del-sol - the Original!
The sun catchers from Cazador-del-sol are guaranteed to shine for 10 years and more. Quality - made in Germany

Cazador-del-sol - Glowing at the GLEAM, August 31 - 28 October

A very special installation of Cazador-del-sol into the Serenity Garden part of Olbrich Botanical Gardens: We presented a mixture of our classic Cazador-del-sol|Uno and the transformed one called Lucy which was artful arranged in one large field with different hights. In Addition: some bouquets around in little single fields.

We also placed some Cazadores around the water! Starting the big field with the wavy-Lucy at a lower level from different sites and let the waves leave out into a big field of Uno´s on a very high level! The Colors with mixture of yellow and red represented the upcoming autumn and the change of colors in our nature around. 


Max Hildebrand, Gleam


Max Hildebrand, Justin Woodward

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