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© René Hildebrand – created by René Hildebrand! The Cazador-del-sol is a copyrighted artwork by the artist René Hildebrand.
Cazador-del-sol - the Original!
The sun catchers from Cazador-del-sol are guaranteed to shine for 10 years and more. Quality - made in Germany

Installation "66°"

Cazador-del-sol Lights the North at Summer Solstice

"… the Cazador keeps glowing for 24 hours - a dream come true…"

The midsummer solstice on 21st June is just the right moment for the Cazador to cross the border to a region, where, at that time of year, the sun never sets. Cazador-del-sol® has been invited to present a suncatcher installation at the opening of the special exhibition "Effects of the Climate Change on Lapland's Nature – What Can We Do?", which will take place at the Arktikum in Rovaniemi.The exhibition is organized by the Department of Natural History of the Provincial Museum of Lapland and is opening on Friday 14th of June 2013 at 16:00.

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Arktikum, René Hildebrand, Sabine Berger, Stéphanie C. Lefrère


René Hildebrand, Sabine Berger
Copyrights: Bild 1: Jorma Luhta / Chantal Zeising, Bild 13: Hiuspää, Bild 14:Timo Lindholm, Bild 15: Seven-1

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