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© René Hildebrand – created by René Hildebrand! The Cazador-del-sol is a copyrighted artwork by the artist René Hildebrand.
Cazador-del-sol - the Original!
The sun catchers from Cazador-del-sol are guaranteed to shine for 10 years and more. Quality - made in Germany

Installation "Oranje " at the Floriade

Light-Installation (with 1000 Cazadores-del-sol) at the Floriade in Venlo 2012

Inspired by nature modern materials such as Plexiglas and Fiberglass-Rods turn into abstract plant-like artobjects. Whether as an artinstallation or as a single object, the Cazadores-del-sol (Suncatchers) focus our mind and ideas on beauty and positive thoughts. They bring relaxation and are an oasis of optimism for more light and warmth among people.


René Hildebrand & Team Cazador-del-sol
Beate Klenner - Sonnenfängerin.Niederrhein


Wolfgang Berger

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